My Letter of Inquiry Cheat Sheet

The Leter of Inquiry (LOI) is often the first step to getting a grant.

This LOI is the very same one I use for my clients. With this Cheat Sheet, I don't forget the format and I can record what and where the informaion I need is. It definately saves me time. I'm giving away this Cheat Sheet. All you have to do is say "Yes!".

You Might Be Wondering...

Why are you giving this away?

I know how valuable this resource is (because I use it myself) and I know you are struggling to get your nonprofit funded. My goal is to help you anyway I can. Right now, it may be sharing the tools I use. In the near future, it may be taking that item off your plate. Either way, my goal is to help you with yours.

What happens after I download the guide?

Go to my Blog article about how to use the Cheat Sheet and start using it!

You will also get emails from me with grant writing helpful tips and freebies.